The painting galleries, from theme to theme


Dionysus, God of Wine
Followers of Dionysus
Bacchanals & Bacchanalian
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The Grapes of Canaan
The Murder of Amnon
The Drunkenness of Noah
Lot and His Daughters
Belshazzar's Feast
The Song of Songs
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Marriage at Cana
The Last Supper
The Supper at Emmaus
The Harvest of the Earth
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Foodstuff, Remedy, Comfort
Family Life
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Cabarets & Ballrooms
Seduction and Love
Celebrations & Social Life
Political Life
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From Vineyard to Harvest
From Cellar to Port
In Still Life
From Divine to Sacred
Fr. Drinking to Savoir-boire
From Wine to Cellar
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The picture galleries are divided into five collections, bringing together 689 paintings. The ‘Wine and the Arts’ subsection displays over 151 pieces from other artistic disciplines, including antique frescoes, graphic art, sculpture, architecture, mosaics, tapestry, decorative art, photography, posters and drawings. A collection of 840 works of art. 

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