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Diane chevauchant un centaure, Horloge automate, jeu à boire, Hans Jakobe I. Bachmannr, 1602/06 - Kunsthistoriches Museum, Vienne, Autriche


Clock, automate, and drinking game
Hans Jakobe I. Bachmannr, 1602/06

39,5 cm
Kunsthistoriches Museum, Vienna, Austria

This automaton serves not just as a timepiece (the dial is on the centaur’s breast), but as a "Trinkspiel" – a drinking game. Its hidden mechanism allows it to slide around the table within a certain perimeter. The centaur rolls its eyes; Diana’s head moves from side to side; a hunting hound lifts its own. Witnesses to this would have been left open-mouthed. Then the centaur would have sent its golden arrow at one of the guests, then required to raise a toast and empty his glass. Diana hunting was a preferred theme for this type of object.

DIANE AU CERF, JEU A BOIRE, Joachim Friess, Allemagne, Augsburg, c. 1620 - Argent en partie doré, émaillé, Socle avec joyaux et mouvement en acier et bois - The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Joachim Friess, German, Augsburg, ca. 1620
Partially gilded silver, enamel jewels (case), iron, wood (movement)
37.5 x 24.1 cm
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

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